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    Joshua Hendrikse completed a Bachelor of Science at the University of Melbourne, and a Graduate Diploma of Psychology at Deakin University. He commenced his PhD at BMH in 2015 and is supervised by Prof. Murat Yucel, Dr. Nigel Rogasch, and Dr. James Coxon. His research is exploring the complementary mechanisms between aerobic exercise and repetitive transcranial magnetic stimulation to determine whether their combined use may elicit synergistic effects on neuroplasticity.


    Top publication:

    Hendrikse, J. J., Cachia, R. L., Kothe, E. J., McPhie, S., Skouteris, H., & Hayden, M. J. (2015). Attentional biases for food cues in overweight and individuals with obesity: A systematic review of the literature. Obesity Reviews, 16(5), 424-432.

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